“My experience with RI Limb Company Physical Therapy has been very rewarding. I feared at the outset that I would need a painful surgery and with the treatment I have received that is no longer the case. Every care and concern for my privacy was respected. Erin was my primary therapist and showed me every courtesy though the gamut of reactions to therapy! Also, when Erin was unavailable the transition to another therapist was very easy – they all know their clients! Will miss you!”

– Margaret Lisi

“Susan has helped me a lot. When I first came in I could not walk and now I am walking. I have a lot less pain than before and when I leave I feel great. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs PT!”

– Karen Hornik

“I have been to RI Limb Company Physical Therapy for a variety of medical problems. The longest time was when I was on crutches for 14 months. At one time or another everyone there took care of me. When I was in tears I got lots of hugs and encouragement. Everyone truly did care! At the end of the 14 months we celebrated by burning my crutches in the fireplace outside.

– Pat Ciccone

“I have been coming to RI Limb Company Physical Therapy for years for many different problems. Issues with my back, legs and neck and have had the best of care to help relieve my pain. Everyone at RI Limb Company Physical Therapy is kind, caring and compassionate about their clients and in providing the therapy they need. RI Limb Company Physical Therapy has done wonders for me and the pain I have had to deal with over my many visits. I don’t know what I would have done without them. So a great big ‘Thank You’ to all the women at RI Limb Company Physical Therapy. You’re the best!”

– Carol Kelly

“My experience at RI Limb Company Physical Therapy has been a good one. I was in a car accident 2/23/09. If it wasn’t for RI Limb Company Physical Therapy I would not have been able to work a job. I soon believed that the numbness wasn’t going away. I told my doctor that I could not keep going this way. He ordered an MRI. They found out the numbness that wouldn’t go away was due to a pinched spinal cord which would have lead to paralyzing. After 2 operations I’m back to strengthen muscles and get back on my feet so I can return to my job that I like very much! RI Limb Company Physical Therapy takes good care of clients! Thank you.”

– Margaret Sherman

“I have had at least three times when I needed therapy and RI Limb Company Physical Therapy has been recommended by a friend so I chose them. Not only did they help the problem, but they are generous in consideration and time. There is a happy, friendly atmosphere not found in most therapy offices, and all the therapists are well trained and really make sure you are sure of homework! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my therapy.”

– Barbara Harrison

“I’ve come to RI Limb Company Physical Therapy for about a year and a half and every time I get discharged I’m healthier than ever.

– Mitchell Leveille

“As a massage therapist, physical therapy was an important aspect of my recovery after shoulder surgery. I have made significant progress in a short time period and am so thankful to Sue & RI Limb Company Physical Therapy for making this a positive experience with great results! Many thanks.”

– Wendy Pendergrass

“My experience at RI Limb Company Physical Therapy has been very professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and effective. Erin was excellent and I enjoyed her personality and professionalism. All in all for everything and everyone it was excellent!”

– Mary Addison

“All the components of therapy here have been wonderful; the massage, the exercises we’ve done here as well as at home have helped immensely.”

– Geraldine Peirce

“I am so glad to come here for therapy. They helped me a lot. They really know how to make you feel comfortable. I always enjoy coming, they always have smiles on their faces.”

– Lisa Green

“My experiences have all been positive (and I have used the facility a few times). The therapists have been friendly, efficient, and most of all effective. They always get me back to a normal life, and to my activities.”

– Rosemary Richardson

“I have had pain in my lower back for a long time. I have been to the doctor/acupuncture and have had no relief. After physical therapy with Jess my pain is almost gone and I can do much more than before. Thanks to everyone at RI Limb Company Physical Therapy!”

– Tracy Clements

“I had a great experience with RI Limb Company Physical Therapy. I’d like to thank them for their friendly approach to solving my frustrating problems. I would recommend RI Limb Company Physical Therapy to all of my friends and high school athletes.”

– Owen Thomas

“Great attentiveness to symptoms. This was a simple injury that took a long time to recover, and I felt like the injury was treated very seriously. My progress was tracked very closely and all the new exercises were effective.”

– Nathan Jepson

“The staff and therapists at RI Limb Company Physical Therapy are not only knowledgeable but caring and thoughtful about me as a person. The quality of care is unmatched but available in a personal and intimate setting.”

– Linda Iannitti

“Having had two knee surgeries, I came here for therapy and have been very pleased with the outcome. I was hurt playing tennis, after three years I feel great. Thanks to Jessica.”

– Lydia Protzmann

“My experience was all positive. The staff was very competent, professional and caring. I am planning to return here for further physical therapy when I have my other shoulder replaced. A great big thank you especially to Kim.”

– Jacqueline Picchione

“This is my first time in therapy. I’m amazed but it really really has helped me get back to normal. My daughter and a son have also had great results! RI Limb Company Physical Therapy really is good care.”

– Jane McGiveney

“RI Limb Company Physical Therapy is a place I highly recommend to anyone who needs physical therapy. All of the staff are friendly, considerate and very knowledgeable professionals. So if you are in need of treatment do not hesitate to give them a call or just stop in to make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Lorraine Reinhardt

“My experience at RI Limb Company Physical Therapy has been awesome. The professional and courteous staff and highly trained physical therapists have made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. The atmosphere is always upbeat and positive. I look forward to my treatments every week.”

– David Wilson

“I’ve had physical therapy once before and it was a very awkward experience, but RI Limb Company Physical Therapy was very different… I started to look forward to physical therapy, rather than dread it.”

– Casey O’Malley

“The professionalism of each (employee/therapist) and the cohesiveness of the group of employees created an opportunity for individuals to choose and engage and be connected.”

– Margaret Winsper